One of our strengths is the treatment of patients with cleft lip and palate, whom we fully intervene through an interdisciplinary team, consisting of: orthodontists, periodontics, pediatric dentists, oral rehabilitation specialists, oral surgeons, stomatologists and general dentists.

General Dentistry

Our dental unit serves both adults and children, in performing fillings, resins, prophylaxis, simple extractions, root canals, whitening, dental scaling and fluoride among others.

Pediatric Dentistry

Our pediatric dentists’ team is ideal to meet the children’s oral needs. Additionally, we successfully intervene in difficult-to-manage patients under general anesthesia.  We offer all kinds of appliances for the functional treatment of children (Functional Orthopedics).


We treat 12-year-old onwards teenagers, by coordinating the entire dental and functional part, in order to achieve a better smile.

Oral Surgery and Stomatology

Procedures in children, adolescents and adults for extractions of wisdom teeth and other surgical procedures such as: surgical windows, frenectomy, including teeth, among others.

Oral rehabilitation

We treat those patients who are edentulous or those with a missing teeth, replacing them with total prosthesis, dental crowns, esthetic resins, porcelain dental veneers, whitening, smile designs, among others.


We treat those patients who need periodontal management, due to gum and bone disease; we perform gingivectomy procedures, open and closed root planing, implants, and bone regeneration, among others.