Sponsor a particular child:

Every day underprivileged children come to our institution with the need for a treatment. You can support one of these children from whom you can obtain the life review and photographs with the progress, in case you want to participate more actively in their process.

Monthly support:

Resources are constantly needed to subsidize co-payments, transportation, lodging, food and other items for families that arrive to the Clinic. You can establish a monthly financial contribution which can be debited from your Bancolombia account or by depositing in the Bancolombia savings account N° 00199836200 to the name of Fundación Clínica Noel – Tax ID N° 890901825-5 and help us in this way to provide comprehensive care to the families of the children we serve.

Single donation:

Economic contribution that can occur sporadically, which will be invested in the purchase of equipment, tools and supplies necessary for the comprehensive care of our children.

The people who get involved with this project will have access to the relevant information of their donation, to the children life reviews and photographs, in addition to the corresponding Donation Certificate, which applies for tax benefits.

Tax benefits

Getting involved with Noel Clinic Foundation represents an important tax benefit, since 25% of the donated amount can be deducted from the income tax payable by the benefactor.