In 1916 a group of women from the City of Medellin, joined others from Europe, in order to bring gifts and joys to underprivileged children, mainly during the Christmas season.

In 1924 the Noel Children’s Hospital was created (Hospital Infantil Noel – originally in Spanish), whose initial aim was to expand the scope of this initiative, thus giving rise to the first health services.

A group of renowned city doctors supported by donating their services for many years.

In 1925, one year after its foundation, the first Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate surgery was performed, becoming a fact of great importance to the Clinic, Medellin and Colombia.

During 2015, “In order to increase the service quality and coverage, in partnership with the Santa Ana Children’s Hospital (Hospital Infantil Santa Ana), four operating rooms, a sterilization center and two dentistry rooms were built.” (Abrew Quimbaya, 2015).

This new facility located in the Manila sector, in El Poblado area, allowed “to expand the care capacity by 50 percent, to reach 60,000 patients in 2016, in modern facilities (keeping the current headquarters in the Prado neighborhood) designed to the care of children, with wide spaces for recovery and recreation.” (Abrew Quimbaya, 2015).

Nowadays the Noel Clinic Foundation (Fundación Clínica Noel – originally in Spanish) is located in the Manila sector, expanding the care capacity and reaching 60,000 patients in 2016.