We have the right to:

  1. Respect and fulfill the children’s rights established in the Colombian Constitution and those of the Noel Clinic Foundation’s users.
  2. Provide timely and prompt medical attention.
  3. Be informed about the care processes, costs and services offered by the Noel Clinic Foundation.
  4. Freely choose the health professional of preference to the institution and request a second option whenever possible within the Noel Clinic Foundation.
  5. Receive quality, safe and reliable care.
  6. Obtain professional care with respect and dignity, without any discrimination.
  7. Have a clear and timely education and information on illnesses, evolution and risks associated to the treatments and / or procedures, by health professionals.
  8. Be informed, consent or reject the procedure, treatment or participation in scientific researches by a written record of decisions made.
  9. Have a complete medical history, maintaining professional confidentiality, protection and custody of information.
  10. Express statements regarding the medical attention received in verbal or written form.


We are committed to:

  • Respect and enforce the rights of children.
  • Comply with the assigned date and time and cancel the service if unable to attend with 24 hours in advance.
  • Have the required documents and payments for the care.
  • Properly use the services to which it is entitled.
  • Comply with the rules, regulations, instructions and recommendations given by the health team.
  • Treat in a dignified and respectful manner all Noel Clinic Foundation staff, other patients and companions.
  • Comply with the care and treatment plan ordered for recovery.
  • Read and understand the information provided, as well as authorize or reject by a written record of decisions made.
  • Provide accurate, clear and complete information about illnesses and background.
  • Respectfully express concerns regarding the attention received in a respectful written or verbal form.